Nike Running Club

Project developed for Nike Argentina that consisted of 4 mobile apps and 2 backend systems running on the cloud. It integrated with a RFID scanner that allowed us to track runners in real time and show statics on a giant screen mounted outside the biggest Nike shop in Latin America.


Complete development of the Facturatio app. Facturatio is an startup that allows you to create electronic invoices on the go in a simple and accesible way.It provides advanced features that makes your life and the interaction with your accountant a easier.


Development of the Paladin system, wich consisted of a Tablet application and an integration with a multiple IO hardware for automatization of your home doors. The product is currently being sold in USA and Europe.


DriveSafe is a driving assistant that warns you when you are about to get asleep while driving. Developed exclusively by Tattu Mobile for Parrot and is being offered preinstalled on Parrot Asteroid devices.
Six Flags Mobile Apps
Six Flags Mobile Apps


DNE is an app for the registration and management of the national university extension registry of Brazil.

ICA Hälsorabatt

The app ICA Hälsorabatt allows you to get discounts on the sweden's ICA supermarket chain. It tracks your fitness activity using third party fitness networks like Runkeeper or Runtastic. The more fitness activity you do more discounts you get.
Six Flags Mobile Apps
Six Flags Mobile Apps

William Hope

Medical directory for health insurance company Willian Hope. For Android and iOS devices.


Apps developed for ShowApp. ShowApp is an startup that operates in Argentina and Brazil and allows to get last minute tickets for events and shows with big benefits.
Six Flags Mobile Apps
Six Flags Mobile Apps

Tiffany Ring Finder

App developed by R/GA. It´s allows you to take a picture of your hand and try the most exclusive jewelry pieces of Tiffany Co. Our team made maintenance of the app for a while.